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Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet-resistant materials (metals, kevlar, fiberglass and composites) are designed to resist penetration from ballistic sources. While no material can ever be "bulletproof", we can design glass products capable of withstanding attack from specific type, caliber, and velocity of ballistic threat. Extensive tests, which measure the spacing or pattern of impacts and any penetration (or spalling) in relation of the number of impacts, help identify the best-possible materials for the ballistic threat type. Testing procedures performed also consider temperature ranges to ensure that materials perform as intended in exterior building applications.

Physical attacks are often carried out for monetary gain (including asset theft), political purposes, vandalism, or general business disruption. In assessing solutions for protection from physical attack, a building's location, function, and occupants must all be considered. Test procedures generally involve a series of attack sequences with varying combinations of time and number of attackers, and using both human and mechanical test apparatus.

We use bullet-resistant UltraGlass®. It is specially designed to provide protection for armored vehicle and security buildings against lethal ballistic attack, as well as to provide considerable physical attack resistance.

The rigidity and toughness of UltraGlass® offers excellent security glazing for automotive sidelite applications.

Our bullet and blast proof vehicle solution provides critical protection (level I, II, III) with less weight and bulk as compared to existing common technology. Our testing has also demonstrated that UltraGlass® has five times tear resistance and 100 times the stiffness of current common technology. We can offer you optimum blast and bullet protection at reduced cost.