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Safety and Security Film - Glass Protection

SecurityFilm2Southwest Professional is proud to offer Safety and Security Film window treatments from Hanita for residential and commercial applications.

Hanita's Safety Zone Secur-Grip films provide effective defense from glass fragments and splinters in the event of glass breaking. Shattering due to natural disasters, terrorism, burglary or accidental breakage is a threat to us all, at work, at home, in public places. Hanita's security films offer protection from glass shards, shield from UV radiation, provide solar heat control (combined films), combat graffiti and answer the requirements
 of insurance companies for shop front protection.

SecurityFilm1In the unlikely event the window breaks, our film will help hold the broken shards together thus reducing the likelihood of window penetration and razor sharp flying glass. And when applied by an authorized technician, Hanita films are virtually undetectable to the human eye. Hanita's  unique window films not only beautifies your home or business, it also defends against burglaries, mother nature and bomb blasts.  

Security films: 4, 7, 8 and 12 mil clear safety films with superb optical transparency, scratch resistant coating and good flexibility for ease of installation.


Top 3 Reasons to Choose Southwest Professional Security Film

1. High Quality Raw Materials
Hanita is one of the leading and most respected window film providers in the world. All films utilized are subject to stringent testing and carefully inspected prior to leaving the plant. Hanita markets only 1st grade security and safety window films.

2. The Adhesive System
The adhesive is a critical part of any Hanita window film. The adhesive system not only provides the all-important bonding between the polyester film and the glass surface, it also incorporates an invisible ultra-violet inhibitor that rejects upwards of 98% of the harmful rays that fade furnishings.  

3. Professional Installation
Hanita window films will only perform to specification if the installation is carried out by an expert installer such as Southwest Professional. Unlike the inexperienced neighborhood window tinter, Southwest Professional technicians must undergo many hours of specialized training to install our security and safety films. Our technicians can apply our window films with absolutely no disruption to your home or business. There's absolutely no mess or odor.