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Window Tinting

feature-carHere at Southwest Professionals we use only the highest quality films. These include industry leaders such as Hanita and 3M. Both offer a wide array of films to choose from.

Hanita has taken a fresh approach to it's Solar Zone automotive window film, combining superior aesthetics and performance with remarkable heat shrink properties for easy, efficient application. Our films tackle the problems of glare, heat gain, fading and privacy, and at the same time add a custom appearance and improved safety. Even the trickiest of back window installations becomes satisfying when you use Hanita Automotive Film, and the results are stunning.

Feel Cool – Hanita's Solar Zone automotive films reject up to 73% of solar energy, creating more comfortable passenger conditions, and lessening the load on your air conditioner.

Look Cool – Choose from a variety of shades and light transmission levels to provide a customized appearance to your vehicle.

Protect Yourself – Solar Zone works like a sunscreen to protect your skin by rejecting up to 99%
 of harmful UV radiation.

Protect Your Car – Helps protect the trim, upholstery, carpets and fittings of your vehicle from the harmful UV radiation that contributes to fading, helping your car keep its value and good looks longer.

Stay Safe – Solar Zone window films can help bond glass fragments in the case of breakage resulting from accidents, projectiles or flying stones.

Provides Privacy – Keep your possesions out of sight from stranger's eyes. Feel safe travelling alone.

Reduces Glare – Limits eyestrain on long trips and in busy city traffic.

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