May 21, 2021

All About Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield s are your ultimate protection when in a vehicle. Because of this, your windshield wipers are your ultimate defense and protection for your windshield. They’re not the most exciting thing and definitely not the top thing on people’s minds when they think of their vehicles! However, they are vitally important. Did you know 1 in 5 vehicles have deficient windshield wipers or washing systems? In 2018, there were 227.5 million licensed drivers in the United States, which means there are approximately 45.5 million drivers with deficient wiper systems. That is dangerous! Let’s talk about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about windshield wipers. History of Windshield Wipers Almost all motorized vehicles have windshield wipers – from water crafts with cabins to trains to automotive vehicles. Windshield wipers on vehicles haven’t always been the motorized we know now. American inventor Mary Anderson introduced the first windshield wiper in 1903, with a lever […]
May 21, 2021

Child Car Safety Tips

It’s officially the holiday season! This means lots of road trips to visit out of town family and friends, driving to look at holiday decorations and going to holiday gatherings. With all of this traveling, the safety of your children is always of the utmost importance. Here are some child car Safety tips to keep your family safe. Child Car Safety Seats The first rule of child car safety is to make sure to use the right car seat or booster seat for their age and size. Did you know three out of every four car seats are used incorrectly? When used correctly, car safety seats prevent harm being done in case of a collision or other accident. Never use a car seat that – is too old – has visible cracks -has been in an accident -doesn’t come with instructions -was recalled. If you don’t know the car seat’s history, […]
May 17, 2021

What To Do When Your Window Is Broken

We’ve all been there. We roll our Window down to grab something from a drive thru, and suddenly realize it’s broken. What do you do now? Today we talk about 2 different cases of auto glass in need of a repair, the dreaded shattered window and broken automatic windows. Here’s what you can do for your broken window until you get it to us to fix it for you! Fixing A Shattered Window If your window has been shattered, immediately cover it and get it repaired as soon as possible. If you are a victim of vandalism, make sure you do these things right away. We are always happy to help you. Here’s how to properly cover a shattered window. Before moving on to the next steps, make sure you have these supplies ready: Plastic garbage bag or other plastic material (cardboard will let the elements in!) Gloves Packing tape or […]

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