What is the difference between OEM quality glass and Non-OEM glass? Only better fit, safer, better clarity and all the features of your original glass.


Don't trust just anyone to repair your window! SWP Auto Glass has over 30 years of experience repairing auto glass! Your windshield may be eligible for a repair if: The damage to the window is smaller than a quarter

   The crack hasn't started to "spider" and grow

   The chip isn't on the edge of the windshield, affecting structural integrity

   You can still clearly see out your window if repaired

   The crack hasn't gone all the way through the windshield


SWP Auto Glass  prides itself on providing fast & hassle-free windshield replacements at a fraction of the price. With all windshield replacements you can expect:


   Our skilled technicians to walk through the entire replacement process with you.

They will then remove the old trim that is holding your windshield in place.

Once the trim is removed, the old windshield will be lifted away from the car.

Next step is to clean any dirt, debris, and old adhesive from the area around your windshield, called a pinch weld. *

When the pinch weld is clean, urethane will be applied to the edges.

Your new windshield is then fitted in the pinch weld and pushed into place, giving the urethane time to set.


With all car window replacements, you can expect the following:


   Our skilled technician will explain our replacement process so you fully understand the steps.

Carefully remove the door panel to access the remaining car glass and assess any potential mechanical damage.

Vacuum any glass and debris from the vehicle.

Install new OEE or OEM glass into the frame.

Test the window to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Put door panel back on your vehicle.

Clean the glass and return your vehicle upon completion.