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We know you love your classic or antique car. replace ? We love them, too! But what about your antique auto glass? You put in a lot of work and money into your car. Your windows can add or detract from the vehicle’s appeal and value. Not only that, but a damaged windshield puts you and your passengers at danger. After you’ve invested time and money into your vehicle, you want it to look and perform flawlessly. So, what should you do for your antique auto glass? What other kind of maintenance and parts will you need? We examine this topic today.

Repair or Replace ?

The first decision you will need to make is whether to try to fix your vehicle’s window or to have them replaced entirely. Replacement glass is a more expensive option, but it’s definitely a better choice in the long run. If you simply have a chip or crack, you can fix the crack for a while. These short term fixes do break down eventually, though, which is why replacement glass is a better option. There are a few circumstances other than obvious accidents that you might look into auto glass repair for your vintage or classic vehicle.

When To Consider Antique Auto Glass Replacement

When You Need Safety Glass 

If your classic car was manufactured with early safety glass, it is likely that you will need an entire glass replacement. The older safety glass will not provide you with the protection you deserve. Additionally, your car’s value will not go down if you change out the older windshield for safety glass. New safety glass presents serious injury in the event of a large rock, windshield failure or accident. If your vehicle’s auto glass is older than 20 years, consider getting an auto glass replacement soon. You can also look for a small emblem that denotes “safety glass.” It is usually found in the corner of the windshield and is easily identifiable.

When You’re Selling The Vehicle

Chips and cracks don’t bother the owners of vehicles too often, but they are definitely something that is looked at when you are reselling the vehicle. The chips and cracks in your auto glass can lower the value of the vehicle. Be sure to upgrade or replace any damaged glass or window films to boost the profit you make from your resale.

When You’re Showing The Car

It’s almost summer time, which means it is time for car shows! If you are serious about showing your antique or classic vehicle, you want it to be in the best shape it can possibly be. Fix all auto glass, windows and windshields before showing your vehicle so you can move up in the show circuit quickly.

Custom Or Stock?

Another decision you’ll have to make when getting your auto glass changed or repaired is if you want to get a standard window or windshield replacement or a custom job. The answer depends on your goals, your car, and your budget. Vintage cars often need custom designed glass due to oddly angled or oddly sized windows. For any car over 30 or 40 years old, expect to have to pay for at least some custom window work.
In some instances, you may be able to find stock windshields and other auto glass at used car part lots or websites. This is generally the cheaper option, so definitely explore this option at used car part lots near you before going custom. Vintage car clubs are another good spot to look and ask for advice on finding hard to find parts. The rarer a vehicle is, the harder it is going to be to find authentic parts to restore it with.
If you can’t find the original parts, look into replica glass makers. These types of glass makers can manufacture glass that is nearly identical to the original glass, but with better safety standards and durability. Custom glass is usually a better choice for those looking to replace their auto glass because of safety standards.

Do It Yourself Or Professional Installation of Classic Auto Glass

If you are considering installing the auto glass on your antique vehicle yourself, there are a few things you should consider before doing so. It’s necessary to have the right type of equipment to remove the window and the old adhesive. You should also have precise measurements for the new glass to ensure a proper fit. Any extra trim or hardware should be on hand during a do it yourself installation to make the process go as smoothly as possible.
If you’ve never worked with auto glass before you may want to consider letting a professional take over. A professional install ensures that your windshield and other auto glass is put in correctly. They know how to remove the old glass, prepare the area, set the new glass, and replace any trim or hardware. Professional installation may also carry a guarantee or warranty depending on the manufacturers. This sense of relief is enough to get your auto glass replacement done professionally.

Removing And Disposing The Old Glass

Removing the old glass can pose a hazard, especially if the existing piece is not traditional, modern safety glass. If regular glass was used, there is a big possibility the glass will shatter as you are trying to remove it. Other times, you will come across a vehicle where all the glass is already gone. Make sure the channels and grooves are cleaned on these vehicles so that no dirt or debris remains that would prevent the new window from sealing as needed.
It’s important to store and dispose of auto glass properly. You cannot just toss it in your local garbage can. Call your local recycling center or landfill to find out what they recommend when it comes to disposing this type of glass.
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