Windshield replacement and repairs done professionally at affordable price! SWP autoglass

At SWP Glass, each of our auto repair ( WINDOW ) technicians are fully licensed and certified to work on your car. We make sure that all of our staff undergoes proper training and education to ensure that the windshield and other windows in your car are properly repaired according to industry standards and state codes. There are several reasons why you should only take your car to a certified technician. Let’s explore some of them below.

Eliminate the Risk – WINDOW

An auto window repair mechanic who is not licensed or certified is not accountable. What this means is that if you hire someone who does not have the proper credentials, you are taking a risk with your vehicle. SWP Glass specialists eliminate the risk, by offering you the most highly trained and skilled auto glass repair specialists in the industry. We only hire experts that deliver superior results with every car they work on.

Keep You and Your Family Safe

Certification is a safety issue. It’s that simple. You may find someone who has ‘some experience’ with repairing or replacing a window in your car, but he or she cannot guarantee your safety whatsoever. By contrast, our crew of repair technicians replace your broken windshield with OEM or equivalent window parts and install them according to exact manufacturer specifications. We don’t take chances with your safety.

How do I Know if an Auto Windshield Mechanic is Certified?

That’s simple. Just ask. Our team of auto mechanics are proud to be fully licensed and certified in the state of Minnesota. Our certification covers several areas of auto repair and windshield replacement and we have documentation always available to show our clients. Our technicians have built a reputation of being honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced. We only put guys on the floor who have consistently demonstrated success in windshield repair over time and with a wide range of foreign and domestic cars.


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